Building a love of learning

through play based experiences and a caring community.

Play Based Curriculum

Mayflower focuses on a play based curriculum encouraging and allowing children to learn through play. Weather permitting, children spend time outdoors daily, exploring our play yard and neighborhood.

Safe & Healthy Nutrition

Mayflower focuses on providing a safe and healthy environment for children to learn and grow. We are a nut-free facility and focus on encouraging healthy eating habits through healthy snacks.

Confidence Building Setting

At Mayflower, we value each child as a individual and work hard to create a strong sense of self. We focus on encouraging self help and social skills to build confidence for the future.

Strong Sense of Community

Mayflower creates a strong sense of community. Children and families are encouraged to engage in after school activities and field trips allowing families to interact and spend time together in and outside of school hours.

Individualized Learning

Mayflower strives to have lower student-teacher ratios than the state requires, and develop lessons around individual child interests and needs, creating an individualized learning experience.

Caring, professional teachers

Mayflower teachers are educated in early childhood practice and continue training throughout the year to stay up to date on new and upcoming changes within the early childhood field.

“Mayflower couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for my daughter. It is clear that all the teachers care about each and every child there. There is tons of fun to be had, but most importantly, the teachers are patient and understand that not all 3-5 year olds are the same and have different needs. I would recommend them to anyone. Looking forward to when my boys are old enough to attend, too.”

– Cheryl, Mayflower Alumni Parent