April 2019 Newsletter

April 2019 Newsletter

Important Dates:

2-Heartland Pizza Fundraiser- 11-9

4- Conferences- Duck, Frog, Hedgehog/Turtle

5-Conferences- Bunny

16-Fun Night- 6:00-7:30

18-Gymnastics Field Trip- 11:15- No School

19-No School



Heartland Pizza Fundraiser

A portion of each sale from 11am-9pm both dine in and takeout will help Mayflower Nursery School with fundraising.  Join us for some great food and family fun.



Sign up’s for conferences have been up for about a week now and if you haven’t had the chance to sign up please contact your teacher directly to set up a time that works or is still available.  As a reminder classes are not held on conference day.


Fun Night

Mayflower Nursery School’s annual Family Fun Night is just around the corner!

Mark your calendars for a night of games, prizes and raffles

Tuesday, April 16th from 6:00-7:30.

This event is a great time to get together as a school and raise funds for our program.

We could use your help with donations! If you have any items to add to our themed raffle baskets we will be happy to add them to the basket!

The theme raffle baskets are as follows: Outside Fun, Parent’s Night Out, Let’s Get Digging and Building, Sports of All Sorts and Family Game Night.

We would also appreciate any other items or goods you wish to donate to our silent auction.

Please bring donations to school by Friday, April 12th

Be on the lookout in your child’s folder for the opportunity to purchase presale raffle tickets at a great discount!

Thank you supporting Mayflower Nursery School!


Gymnastics Field Trip:

DATE CHANGE!! Due to scheduling issues the gymnastics field trip has been moved to April 18that 11:15am.  Classes will not be held this day and families will meet at Air Force Gymnastics. A permission slip for this field trip will be coming home soon.  If you have any questions about this field trip please contact Carol.


Outdoor/Indoor Clothing:

At Mayflower we attempt to spend time outside daily weather permitting so please make sure child you child has weather appropriate clothing.  Also this is a great time to check with your child’s teacher to make sure children have an extra set of clothing that is weather appropriate in the classroom as well in case of accidents.

As a reminder children will not go outside if the temperature is below zero with the wind-chill or if it is storming. Watch for the signs that will be posted on the door or on the gate of the play yard.



Please make sure children are taken to the bathroom before drop off.


Classroom Updates:

Duck Class:

The Ducks enjoyed a fun but fast March.  We are finally seeing the snow and ice melt and we welcomed back our buried sandbox in the play yard.
Our experiments went from not working (slime with the wrong glue) to vanishing art for V week.
April brings lots of fun things including our last Duck birthday as Carl turns 5 on the 4th. Our experiments will range from sound waves to making a small zip line with x-rays and finding out if yeast is alive, stuck in between.
We will have conferences on the morning of the 4th instead of class. It’s a great time to find out how well your child is doing in class. Thank you everyone for signing up.
We will have a great Week of the Young Child with our annual Fun Night on the 16th, an evening of carnival type games. Also that week we will have a field trip to Air Force Gymnastics on the 18th.
Our year will be ending before we know it and we continue to have a fantastic time in our classroom.
Happy Spring everyone!!
Karen and Amy


Bunny Class:

We wrapped up our study of community helpers by learning about doctors, nurses, hospitals and dentists. The Bunnies had so much fun looking at real x-rays on our light board, playing in the hospital dramatic play area, and practicing brushing by painting with tooth brushes. The sensory table was filled with floss and fake teeth to clean and brush as well. The Bunnies learned about scrubs and colored a picture of them.

We welcomed a new student Allie to the Bunny room. All the Bunnies really love having a new friend. We have been so impressed by how welcoming they have been and willing to show Allie the ropes! Big thank you to all the teachers that spent time with the Bunnies while I was traveling with my family.

April we plan to team up with the Frog teacher to learn more in depth about weather. We hope spring weather will soon be upon us!

We are running low on crackers. If you could please bring in a box of grahams or Ritz that would be really helpful.


Frog Class:

“The Frogs have been very “hoppy” to play in the “warmer weather”! They love to see all the changes in the play yard with the snow melting and the sand box finally coming back! In the month of March, our friends learned about Community Helpers and how they help our community in many different ways!  We saw our Dramatic play area turn into a doctor’s office, school and a post office. We added some new toys and objects to our classroom and even changed the layout of some of our play stations. We continued to practice writing/tracing our names and letters everyday.  Our Frogs have done a great job using their independent skills to take off all their winter gear, pour their own drinks at snack and use “scoopers” to serve themselves. In the month of April, our Frog friends will be learning about the weather! Our dramatic play area will transform into a Weather Station for friends to learn about the weather and practice sharing what the weather looks like! We will add books about weather to our reading area and create crafts that correlate with our theme. Thank you to all the families who signed up for our “Special Guest Reader”. We still have some days open for more families to come in and read! As a reminder, families are always welcome to come in and join our Frog class at anytime! Happy Spring!!”


Hedgehog/Turtle Class:

In February and March we really have been focused on building. We brought out some new Legos, blocks, many stuffed cats and wild animals to play with. We have created many different building, homes, robots and habitats during our play.


We hope you enjoyed the fingerprint art your child brought home on Valentine’s Day. As you can see in the hallway we worked on some new art projects for school as well. We used scissors, glue, paint and glitter for this project. Many of our friends have not used a child scissors before. We learned the proper techniques to be safe and successful in our cutting. We will continue practicing in the coming weeks and months on this skill.


The dance moves that we learned before our Snowball Dance have been put to good use during our frequent impromptu classroom “dance parties”. Some of the friends have been having some cute conversations about how they dance with their families at home too.


We continue to enjoy time outside.  We have been searching for birds when we hear them in our play yard. We have gone on walks around the neighborhood spying wild life and community helpers.


We have been focused on talking about construction and the alphabet. One of the books we borrowed from the library was called Construction Cat by Barbara Odanaka. The friends learned about a Mother cat that goes off to work. She is the Forman of a construction site. She looks at her plans (blue prints) making sure they get the build right. In the end we see that they built a playground at a park. This book gave our friends many ideas of things their stuffed cats could build with the wood blocks and Legos in our classroom.



Mayflower Nursery School nurtures young children in an atmosphere of acceptance and caring, offering a variety of learning experiences for students to explore their world so that each child develops self-esteem, a sense of belonging and a love of learning.