February 2011 Newsletter

Our children at Mayflower will be learning about different forms of music, both vocal and instrumental. Midmonth we will be having our annual Jamboree! Our classes come together to celebrate singing, dancing and lots of music! Matt and Valerie George, local and very talented musicians (as well as recent Mayflower parents!), will be entertaining our children with their singing and music making!

Also this month we are welcoming all of our dads for Dads Day at Mayflower. The children and their dads, or another special “dad” in their lives, will hear a story, share a snack, and enjoy playtime in our classrooms!

Oh, and we just might be planning a Packer celebration before the Super Bowl. After all, our rooms are filled with budding Packer fans, and who knows how many more seasons might pass until they have another opportunity to celebrate with the green and gold! Go Pack!

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