Special Person in the Duck Class

Special Person of the Day in the Duck Class!
When your child is the Special Person, they will come home the night before with the class Special Person tag.
The next day at school, they are ready for lots of fun and responsibility! Beginning at the start of the day, the Special Person will:
  • Sit in the front of the class with one of the teachers
  • Help the class read the morning easel
  • Count his/her classmates
  • Count the days on the calendar in English and Spanish and add today’s date
  • Lead the class in singing Seven Days of the Week
  • Help the class to spell their name using sign language
  • Share a Show and Tell item, if desired
Show and Tell Guidelines:
  • An item or items that fit inside of your child’s canvas school bag
  • An item that is not fragile, breakable or irreplaceable
  • An item that can be played with or looked at by classmates
  • An item that is not dangerous, is free of weapons or any violent connotation
Throughout the day, the Special Person will:
  • Be the line leader
  • Water the plants
  • Lead our Thank You before snack
  • Turn on/off the lights, as needed
  • Ring the bell before Clean Up Time
  • Pick a new Special Person


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