Wildlife Sanctuary Field Trip

We learned so much about animals on our trip to the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary today!

The naturalist first taught us about box turtles, then we had a chance to give the turtle a one finger pet on the wet back of his shell. The children squealed as the turtle walked across the carpet, getting his toenails stuck in the pile of the carpet!

Next we learned about a ball python, who came to the Wildlife Sanctuary as an abandoned pet.  The children learned that the snake smells using his tongue. We were also able to touch and feel the snake as well as a coat of molten scales, that felt a lot like crumpled wax paper.

Finally, King Louis the skunk made an appearance! The children were very nervous, until they learned that Louis doesn’t have his stinker anymore! We were all amazed to see a skunk up close and notice that he was brown and white, instead of the typical black and white.

After learning about and touching all of the animals, we had a snack of fresh apples, then headed outdoors! We took a walk across the lagoon bridge and over to the waterfall. The children used their own cameras to take many photographs, before we continued our walk.

A wonderful morning spent outdoors on a beautiful fall day. Thank you Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary!

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