May 2012 Newsletter and Calendars

As our school year comes to a close, we are reminded how lucky we have been to share the year with your child and your family.


End of the School Year: A Poem from Your Child’s Teacher

Author: Unknown


I’ve worked with your flower,

And helped it to grow.

I’m returning it now,

But I want you to know…


This flower is precious,

As dear as can be.

Love it, take care of it,

And you will see…


A bright new bloom,

With every day.

It grew and blossomed

In such a wonderful way.


In September, just a bud,

January, a bloom;

Now a lovely blossom

I’m returning; almost June.


Remember, this flower,

As dear as can be,

Though rightfully yours,

Part will always be loved by me.


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