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What We Do Best

We teach the love of learning to children ages 2 through 5 years in a healthy, safe and active atmosphere. We build a community of learners through early relationships with teachers, peers and families. Young children who develop positive relationships in preschool continue to be successful learners throughout their school years and continue to have positive relationships with peers and teachers.

What Makes Us Different

With all of the options today’s parents have for early learning, what makes Mayflower Nursery School different?

  • Loving, educated and professional teachers
  • Caring, child-friendly environment
  • All children learn to love learning
  • Exceptional sense of community among families
  • Inviting play-centered curriculum
  • Confidence building setting
  • Excellent communication between school and home
  • Intentional development of healthy habits – including nutrition, excercise and community involvement
  • Only fresh produce served at snack time (along with crackers and milk/water)
  • High parent satisfaction
  • Low student turnover
  • Focus on the whole child



Mayflower Nursery School nurtures young children in an atmosphere of acceptance and caring, offering a variety of learning experiences for students to explore their world so that each child develops self-esteem, a sense of belonging and a love of learning.


Mayflower Nursery School will be leaders in education, will provide a safe and healthy environment for all persons, and will be a community based, financially responsible non-profit school.

  • Teaching: We are leaders in Early Childhood Education. We will:
    • Continue Mayflower’s tradition of play-based learning
    • Provide developmentally appropriate education supported by research
    • Promote social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive learning and development
    • Teach in an environment that is caring, loving and promotes self esteem
    • Provide individualized learning
    • Include our community of students, teachers and parents in our teaching and learning community
    • Be experts and leaders in early childhood eduction practices
    • Provide learning opportunities in addition to the school day
    • Utilize daily informal and biannualy formal assessments to plan appropriate instruction and to meet developmental needs of students
  • Safety and Health: We believe all persons deserve a safe and healthy environment. We will:
    • Provide a caring environment where everyone is valued
    • Empower our community to invest in our school using their strengths and talents
    • Serve only nutritous and safe food
    • Protect children and staff from illness and injury
    • Provide an environment that is inclusive for all including those with life threatening food allergies
    • Be physically active indoors and outdoors
    • Provide a safe learning environment
  • Community: We are a community. We will:
    • Serve all members of our community
    • Provide equal opportunity education
    • Build a community where all are welcomed and valued
    • Support families diverse needs and interests
    • Continue the Mayflower tradition of building future community leaders
    • Develop collaborative relationships with families and community partners
    • Participate and invest in our community
  • Financial: We are a financially responsible non-profit school. We will:
    • Be a financially responsible school
    • Build and appropriately use our endowment fund
    • Implement policies and procedures for strong program management to ensure high quality experiences
    • Provide tuition assistable as able and needed to families who meet scholarship qualifications
    • Maintain 501(c)(3) non-profit status
    • Seek partnerships with organizations within our greater community that share our values
    • Invest in the continued education of our teachers

Mayflower is state-licensed and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, handicap, religion or national origin.

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