At Mayflower we offer three levels of classes. Families should choose the class that best fits their child’s age, social/emotional and potty-training needs, along with the class schedule. Consider your child’s age as of September 1st.

All classes are held 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM.

2-Year Olds

Hedgehog Class

Monday & Wednesday

Friday add-on is available



Turtle Class

Tuesday & Thursday

Friday add-on is available



In the youngest class offered at Mayflower, we teach little ones to love learning through play. This may be a child’s first classroom experience and therefore we work to help children feel confident and secure outside their home environment. The students learn about classroom structure and routine, transitioning from one activity to another, listening, sharing and communicating. We focus on social/emotional skills such as empathy and feelings. Our play-based curriculum includes age appropriate topics such as colors, numbers, letters and early literacy…the students learn through experiences and play. You’ll also see these classes working on large and small motor development and self-help skills. Our hedgehogs and turtles become more aware of themselves, others and the world around them!

Children do NOT need to be potty-trained to enroll in the 2 year old classes.

3-Year Olds

Frog Class

Tuesday & Thursday




Bunny Class

Monday, Wednesday, Friday



Children continue to explore their world through play-based learning. Developing confidence with class routines, expectations, circle-time and self-help skills is important. Students work to pour their own milk or water, get dressed for outside play, cleanup after themselves, and be proud for trying and/or mastering these skills. Lots of development happens with children’s social/emotional awareness as well. We see them move from individual play, to one-to-one and group play. We also see improvement in skills such as listening, taking turns, sharing ideas, expressing emotions, and developing friendships. Through play and hands on learning, our 3 year old curriculum exposes students to name, letter & number recognition, the calendar and weather, simple math, science exploration, early journaling, and writing skills. Children may come to the Bunny/Frog classes as a first time student, after a year spent as a Hedgehog/Turtle, or as a Bunny/Frog for a 2nd year (particularly for those younger 3-year olds).

Students must be potty-trained by the start of the school year.

4-Year Olds

Duck Class

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday



Our most advanced class helps students develop the skills and confidence needed to be ready for kindergarten. Mayflower also instills a strong sense of self and a love of learning. We teach the curriculum needed for students to excel in kindergarten…but we teach it in a truly caring environment – providing children with hands-on experiences and building the social/emotional skills they will use to be successful throughout their lives. Our students learn how to listen and respect others opinions, how to lead and how to let others lead, and what makes them unique and special. The class cirriculum builds upon what is taught in the 2- and 3-year old classes and adds in
more advanced topics such as early literacy and writings kills, spelling, classroom jobs/job expectations, expression through art, and problem-solving. Students may come to the Duck class as first time students, or after growing through previous Mayflower classes. Our goal is that every child leaves socially, emotionally and academically ready to take on kindergarten!

How Do I Enroll?

To begin your journey with Mayflower, visit our Forms & Resources page. Please contact the school director to schedule a tour or if you are unsure which class is the best fit for your child!