Medical Information

Each child must have a physical before starting school. A Health Form, an Immunization Record and Health History must be on file. All health information is confidential. A medical log recording injuries and health observations is kept on file.


Please do not send your child to school with a fever, flu symptoms or diarrhea, even if he/she wants to go. Always wait 24 hours after your child’s temperature has returned to normal before allowing him/her to return to school. The Green Bay Health Department must be notified if your child has a communicable disease, such as chicken pox. State law governs the length of absence for such diseases and the Health Department can supply this information.

Medication will not be administered by the Mayflower staff to any child.


If your child is not attending school, please inform us. You may leave a message on the school answering machine or send us a note about any vacation date.


Mayflower Nursery School carries all necessary insurance as required by Wisconsin State Law. The insurance covers the children at school and during field trips.


Car pools are the sole responsibility of the parents. However, time will be given during Parent Orientation Night for arranging a schedule with families living in your area.

When bringing children to school, please park in the back of the church in the west parking lot near the carport. Please walk your child in front of other cars. You must walk your child into the building and into the hallway beyond the second door. If it is before 9:25 AM, parents must wait with their child in the hallway until the teachers greet and pick up the students. Teachers will then walk the children to their classroom. After 9:30 AM, parents must walk their child to the classroom door to ensure that the child is safely inside the classroom.

Please be prompt in picking up your child at noon. Please wait in the same hallway at the rear of the building, until one of the teachers greets you to pick up your child. Please notify teachers in writing if your child will not be riding in his regular car pool.

Field Trips

Mayflower Nursery School children will be transported for field trips using private vehicles by parents who have a valid driver’s license, liability insurance and a current automobile registration form in their car. Only parents or substitute drivers who are on record with the school will be allowed to drive. Each parent must sign a form giving consent for his or her child to be transported on field trips. These consent forms will be on file with the child’s records. For some field trips, children will be brought directly to the destination and picked up from that location by their parent or regular car pool driver. The children will not be at Mayflower that day.


Children should wear comfortable clothing suitable for play and activities planned. Please mark your child’s outerwear with his or her name. A tote bag will be made at school during the first week to carry things back and forth.

At the beginning of the school year, please send a change of clothing for your children including: pants, shirt, underwear and socks. Label all items with your child’s name and place the clothing into a gallon sized Ziploc bag.

Snacks and Birthday Treats

A nutritious snack will be served daily to the children. Healthy snacks include: fruits, vegetables, dairy and whole grains. Snacks are brought by each family and will be coordinated by our Room Mothers.

Milk is brought to school by our Snack Helper. We ask our snack helper to bring 1 half gallon of skim or 1% white milk on the first day of their snack week.

Birthdays are always special. In lieu of a birthday snack, we suggest that your child choose a new or gently used book to donate to the classroom on your child’s birthday.

Nut Free Policy: Our school is nut free. Peanuts and nut products may not be brought into Mayflower.


Please listen to the radio and TV stations on school days with inclement weather. When Green Bay Public Schools are closed, so are we. Also, if the Green Bay schools are delayed, all Mayflower classes will be cancelled.

Parent Visits

Parents are welcome to visit the classroom at any time.