The 2-year old classes may enroll up to 10 children with two teachers. The 3-year old classes may enroll up to 15 children with two teachers. The 4-year old class may enroll up to 20 children with two teachers.

Yes! We are proud to have earned this honor. Achieving NAEYC Accreditation is a four-step process that involves self-study, self-assessment, candidacy, and meeting and maintaining accreditation over a five-year period. Directors, teachers, and families all participate in the process.


Programs are required to meet standards grouped into 10 areas: relationships with children, curriculum, teaching approaches, child assessment, nutrition and health, staff qualifications, relationship with children’s families, relationship with the community, physical environment, and program leadership and management.


Here is a little more information about accreditation standards from the National Association for the Education of Young Children. NAEYC’s website is also a wealth of information.

Generally, families should first consider their child’s age on September 1. Children at least 2 years old should generally choose the Hedgehog or Turtle class. Three year olds who are not yet potty trained may also choose from one of these two classes. Children at least 3 years old should generally choose either the Frog or Bunny class. Successful potty training is required for these two classes. Children at least 4 years old and looking for a class to prepare them for kindergarten, should choose the Duck class.


There may be exceptions to these general rules based on your child’s needs. Please visit our Classes page for more information about each class, or call our school director to discuss the options.

Parents are always welcome in our classrooms, on school field trips, and for all-school events. Parents also make up the majority of our board of directors. All parent involvement is voluntary.


We do not have any parent involvement requirements. Our families have always been very willing to lend a hand, or their expertise, to make our school a little bit better.

Tuition can be paid by cash, check, or you may use bill pay through your financial institution (if it is an offered service). The tuition cost can be paid 1 of 2 ways:
1. Paid in full by September 1.
2. Paid monthly by the 1st of the month, August through April.


There is a $25 charge for tuition payments not received by the due date. There is also a $50 charge for a check returned as non-sufficient funds (NSF).
There is no credit given for absences (such as but not limited to illness, death in the family, and/or vacations). There are no tuition credits for school closings due to weather, etc.

Our school program runs approximately 9 months during the year. There are, however, times when our school is closed for holiday breaks, field trips, and staff development days. These days have already been taken into account in creating the tuition rates for each school year. There are no makeup days for the days that the school is closed.


The school calendar for the upcoming school year is available during the summer before the school year begins on our Forms & Resources page.

Yes. It is the intent of Mayflower Nursery School to provide financial assistance to families who may not otherwise be able to afford the full tuition and who feel Mayflower Nursery School’s program is the best fit for their family situation. Financial assistance is granted in the form of partial scholarships. Determination of eligibility and the amount of the scholarship granted is by the decision of the Scholarship Committee of the Board of Directors of Mayflower Nursery School.

The following guidelines are used to determine eligibility:

1. Student is enrolled. Enrollment is complete when an enrollment application and $75 registration fee has been submitted and approved by the school director.

2. Scholarship awards are contingent on funds available for a given school year.

3. Consideration of special circumstances is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, such as job loss, illness, death, non-working parents, or other situations that affect a family’s ability to pay.

4. Families must submit a new application each school year. Participants are required to report any changes in income or family status to the school director that occur after the application has been made.

5. Submitted applications will be kept on file for one year. Information is kept confidential.

6. Applications received by the deadline will be prioritized by income. After the initial deadline any funds remaining will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

Please contact the school director for more information and/or an application. Mayflower also accepts Brown County Child Care Assistance.

Classes are filled on a first come, first serve basis. To begin, complete the school enrollment form (found on the Forms & Resources page) and return it to school along with the $75 registration fee. A child is not considered enrolled until these two things are received by the school director.

Once your information has been received you will receive a post card in the mailing confirming your enrollment. In the spring of the year, welcome packets will be distributed with all additional forms and paperwork that is needed for your child before school begins in September.

In August, additional information is also distributed regarding back-to-school events.

Yes. We hold parent-teacher conferences twice a year, once in the late fall and once in early spring. Additionally, we schedule conferences as needed and are available to meet with parents, if they have concerns.

We communicate with parents through:

  • Face to face interactions at school
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Facebook page
  • Website/Blog
  • Google Drive
  • Board meetings
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Communication bulletin board
  • Daily reminder board

The children spend at least 30 minutes outside each day, playing in our outdoor play space located adjacent to the school building or taking a walk in the surrounding neighborhood.

Children should always be dressed for the weather, whether that’s for cold and blustery days or wet and muddy days.

We only play indoors if it is pouring rain, excessively windy, temperatures are below zero degrees (with or without the windchill), temperatures and over 90 degrees, or if there is any other dangerous weather conditions.

Yes! A nut-free policy was adopted to help keep all children with food allergies safe.

At Mayflower we teach the concept Eat A Rainbow, which is perfect for preschoolers to learn how to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables each day. We demonstrate how eating different colors of fruits and vegetables at meals and snacks can be a fun way to eat well and get a variety of nutrients.

Learning to make positive food choices when children are young helps to establish lifelong habits of choosing and eating healthy food.

Families take turns providing a fresh fruit and/or vegetable snack for the whole class, which is served along with crackers (typically Ritz-type crackers or graham crackers) and milk or water.