Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the classroom ratio?

2016-2017: Our two and three your old class may enroll up to 10 children with two teachers.  Our three and four year old classes, Bunny and Frog, enroll up to 15 children with two teachers. Our four and five year old class, Duck, enrolls up to 20 children with two teachers.


How many lead/assistant teachers are there in each classroom?

A full class is led by two teachers, who co-teach the class.


What is Mayflower’s educational philosophy?

Our philosophy has been consistent for the last 60 years – children learn best through play.


How much parent involvement are you looking for?

Parents are always welcome in our classrooms, on school field trips and for all school events. Parents also make up the majority of our board of directors. All parent involvement is voluntary; we do not have any parent involvement requirements.


How do you build a community?

We are intentional about building relationships and community at Mayflower. We value relationships with our children, our teachers, our families, our board members, our community partners and our community as a whole. We believe our students today are the future leaders of our community.


How do you prefer to evaluate the children?

We evaluate our students on a daily basis. We do not use formal standardized testing. Our teachers are trained in the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards, and we use these as a guideline for assessing our students. We contact parents anytime we have a concern about their child’s development.


Are there parent conferences?

We hold parent teacher conferences twice a year, once in the late fall and once in early spring. Additionally, we schedule conferences as needed and are available to meet with parents, if they have concerns.


How do you communicate with parents?

We communicate with parents through:

  • Face to face interactions at school
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Facebook page
  • Website
  • Google drive
  • Board meetings
  • Parent teacher conferences
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Communication board
  • Daily reminder board


How much time daily do the children spend outside?

We play outside every day for at least 15 minutes. If the weather permits, in the fall and spring, we often take our learning outdoors and spend the majority of our school day outside. We play in our playspace, walk through our neighborhood, and play at St. James Park.


When do the children go outside?

All of our classes begin their school day outside. Parents drop their children off at the playspace with their teachers.


Do you have temperature limitations for heat and cold?

We aim to play outside every day at school. In accordance with Wisconsin licensing standards we stay indoors, if the weather is: pouring rain, excessively windy, temperatures are below zero degrees with or without the windchill, temperatures are over 90 degrees, or any other dangerous weather condition exists.


Do the children ever do water or messy play outside?

Yes, we believe our children build connections to the natural world by playing with water, dirt, snow, mud and other natural materials.


What standards does Mayflower follow?

We use the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards as a guideline for our teaching, as well as developmentally appropriate practices as dictated by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). We are licensed by the State of Wisconsin Department of Children and Families.


Are you NAEYC accredited?

We are currently in the process of earning NAEYC accreditation.