January 2019 Newsletter

Important Dates

Jan 2 – Class Resumes

Jan 18 – No School

Jan 21 – No School

Jan 28 – Music Week

Jan 28 – Enrollment begins for current and alumni families

Feb 4 – Enrollment begins for public


Please remember outdoor and weather appropriate clothing.

Enrollment begins January 28th

Please check snack schedules and be sure to record snack information on the provided sheets.

Classroom Updates

Hedgehogs & Turtles

During December we enjoyed playing together. We created many imaginative play scenarios. Many friends worked together to make sure that more friends were involved in the play.

We played in the water in the sensory table exploring “sink and float” and we experimented with the items to see what might suction and stick/stay on the sides of the table.

While playing outside we pretended to serve ice cream and hotdogs we waited patiently in line for both. The bowling party was a fun way to see the kids interact with their peers in a different setting.

We, teachers sure missed the friends over break….January here we come!


Happy New Year!! We hope you had a great winter break with family and friends! We really enjoyed seeing all the families that came out for the bowling trip. We had a blast!

This January in the Frog classroom we are going to really focus on hibernation and what animals do in the winter. We plan on making many crafts that correlate with hibernation along with bringing in many activities to help our friends better understand the process.

We have started to really work on our independent skills in the Frog classroom. Some examples are taking off our winter gear on our own, zipping jackets and pouring our own milk.

We are going to also start trying to serve the snack to ourselves. Thank you to all the families who brought the crackers in and who continue to do a great job bringing in snack and milk.


We were greeted with fresh snow our first day back to school after winter break! The Bunnies had so much fun digging and making snow piles and, of course, our favorite making snow angels. We are still waiting for a good packing snow day to make a snow person. We still are talking and learning about how snow and ice melt when we go inside where it is warm. We brought snow inside for our sensory table and were amazed that is didn’t melt all the way by the time school ended.

One day we brought snow in and used spray bottles with water colors to “paint” the snow and explored mixing color with our utensils, cups, and tools. Mixing yellow and blue together to make green is our favorite.

We are continuing to talk about hibernation. We have expanded to our questions to asking about what other animals besides bears hibernate? And where to they go to sleep? When will they wake up? We have big plans to make a hibernation cave in our play area this week.

Please check out our winter mural in the hallway as you leave. We have had fun adding things to it. Look for what is under the ground during winter to be added next?

Thank you so much for dressing your Bunny for the weather. We love being outside and all the benefits of well being, play, and wonder that it brings.


We had a fantastic but short December in the Duck class.  Topping off all the fun for the month was a very fun bowling trip before break.  It was so great to see all the smiling faces as balls rolled and pins fell down.

January looks like it’s going to be a good one since we already have new snow to play in outdoors.  We may even bring some into the room to play with and to use for some experiments.

As the weather gets colder, look for morning wind chills to determine if we go out or not.  If it’s above zero, bundle up those little ones because we will be outside.  Running around outside is a great way to start our day.

We are so glad every day that you share your children with us here.  Please feel free to stop in to play or just observe anytime.

This month we will start sending home the Duck Bag with a stuffed duck inside. Every child will get a turn with the bag. Visit with the duck and write a few sentences and draw a picture about the visit. When the duck comes back, everyone will share their duck story. It’s so much fun for the children to have a friend visit for the weekend. Instructions are in a binder in the bag and I will start the process so everyone gets a look at how it goes.

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