May 2019 Newsletter

May 2019 Newsletter

Important Dates:

May 6-10:

Teacher Appreciation Week

Join us during this week and celebrate our wonderful teachers.


May 21:

Last Day for Frog and Turtle Class


May 22:

Last Day for Duck, Bunny and Hedgehog Class


May 23:

End of the Year Celebration, 11AM

Join us in celebrating a wonderful year! Parents will be asked to drop off the Hedgehog and Turtle children at their classroom door with Ms. Tessa, while the Bunny, Frog, and Duck children will be dropped off in the Duck Classroom.  After dropping children off in their designated class area, parents will then meet in Pilgrim Hall.  Chairs will be available but parents are encouraged to bring blankets to sit with family on the floor. Classes will be brought upstairs by their teachers and will sing specific class songs.  Once finished with individual classroom songs, the classes will sing as a group, but may join family members at this time.  Teachers will be available to take pictures directly after the celebration in Pilgrim Hall.  All family and friends are invited to this celebration and if interested families can choose to gather at St. James Park for a picnic and playtime or choose another location.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Carol.

Classroom Songs Include:

Hedgehog/ Turtle: Open Shut Them

Frog: Slippery Fish

Bunny: Slippery Fish

Duck: Slippery Fish

Group Songs: Love Grows, Goodbye Song


Classroom Updates:

Duck Class:

Our year has almost come to an end and what a great year it has been! We’ve gone from letters A to Z, from being new friends to very close friends, from just learning how to write our names to being able to write our friend’s names, and so much more.

If I would ask the children what their favorite part of this year has been I think I would get a resounding “Will It Work? Wednesdays.”  We learned about so much doing those fun experiments, like, chemical reactions, sink and float, air pressure, and how magnets work.  But the most important thing we learned is that things don’t always work. That’s a lesson we can apply to anything in our class or life.  And like Pete the Cat says, It’s all good.

I’m so impressed how much our small class has progressed over the year.  We are now all ready to take a deep breath and concur whatever comes our way.

For May, now that we are finished with our letter of the week, per request, we will move on to numbers.  We won’t have one a week but will focus on numeral recognition and writing numerals.  We will also be counting everything we can. The first week of May we will focus just on numerals and counting and sorting things.  After that we will talk about all things spring while working in some number things.  The last week of school we will talk about summer safety.

Speaking for Amy, I know both of us have had an incredibly wonderful year watching your children grow. It’s easy to say all of them are ready for the next step in their lives! And as always, thank you for sharing your most precious gift with us!

Amy and Karen


Bunny Class:

We welcomed another new Bunny after spring break. We are so excited to meet Paul and welcome him to the fun in the Bunny room!

Yay for spring! We have been enjoying the weather and bringing our classroom outside on warmer days. We enjoyed our snack outdoors in the courtyard and went on a listening walk. We heard birds chirping, children playing at recess, cars with loud, mufflers, and two airplanes. We have also been visited by a woodpecker almost daily during our outside playtime. We talked about why the woodpecker keeps coming back to the same tree and discovered that he/she is likely coming back because part of the tree is dead. We are also talking about what season comes after winter and how we can tell spring is here. What are the signs?

We learned about wind, storms, and tornadoes when we returned from spring break. We made wind socks and did a wind experiment using a fan. The higher the power of the fan the stronger the wind and our wind socks blew higher. We also did an experiment on clouds and rain using shaving cream and colored water. We have added new supplies to our building area and it has really sparked some creative building and imaginative play. The dramatic play area was turned in to a pizzeria and the Bunnies worked very hard taking orders and creating “pizza”.

We cannot believe it is May and we only have a few weeks left as a class. It has been a fun filled year with so much amazing growth. It will be hard to say good-bye but know it is time for them to move on to the next chapter in their early childhood journey and they are ready! We thank you for sharing your children with us.


Frog Class:

“It’s May! Yay! Our Frogs enjoyed learning about the weather in the month of April. We practiced some mindfulness exercises while listening to weather noises, made multiple crafts that correlate with our theme and read many books about weather! We love having families come in and read to us for our “Special Guest Reader”. A lot of our friends enjoyed the gymnastic field trip and family night as well. This month we had the opportunity to broaden our taste pallets and try new things! A Frog friend brought in Maple Syrup that they made at their home. Our frogs enjoyed tasting the syrup and learning about how it is made. We also tried some “dip” that a family brought in to pair with some fruits/veggies and crackers. Next month, we will end our school year with “Summer” as our focus. We plan to continue practicing our writing skills, independent skills and exploring the outdoors through play! “Hoppy” Spring!!


Hedgehog/ Turtle Class:

In April we read many books about counting to 5 and 10. Recognizing these
numbers with our friends in the story and in props has been fun. Little Quack by Lauren Thompson is a story about 5 ducklings that are nervous to leave the nest to swim in the pond with their Mom. The Mother Duck says, “You can do it….I know you can!” The ducklings one by one get very brave and they jump into the water.

We have been working on our fine motor skills in the sensory table with our gator tweezers and basters.  We did a few projects using some scissors skills along with working with glue and creating with paint.

We have been enjoying exploring our neighborhood and our play yard with all of the new things that are happening this spring.

We saw a Bald Eagle soaring above and we watched a Woodpecker at work on a tree.

The end of the year is drawing near and we just wanted to say a personal Thank you to each of you. You have been so kind with your words and generous gifts over the school year. We love what we do but it makes the school year even better when we have amazing families to support us. We hope to see all of you back again next year and we hope your will tell your friends how much you love Mayflower.


A Note From Ms. Carol:

Dear Mayflower Families,

I want to send forth a heartfelt thank you for all of your continued support throughout the year and allowing Mayflower to be a part of your children’s early education journey. We are thankful for the opportunity to be part of your child’s life and hope you hold Mayflower as close as we do. Each of your children hold a special spot within our hearts and have left an impact on us as educators.

Thank you for all that you do!

We hope that you have an amazing summer!

Carol Beirl 


Mayflower Nursery School nurtures young children in an atmosphere of acceptance and caring, offering a variety of learning experiences for students to explore their world so that each child develops self-esteem, a sense of belonging and a love of learning.