Our Vision

Mayflower Nursery School will be leaders in education, will provide a safe and healthy environment for all persons, and will be a community based, financially responsible non-profit school.

Teaching: We are leaders in Early Childhood Education. We will:

  • Continue Mayflower’s tradition of play-based learning
  • Provide developmentally appropriate education supported by research
  • Promote social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive learning and development
  • Teach in an environment that is caring, loving and promotes self esteem
  • Provide individualized learning
  • Include our community of students, teachers and parents in our teaching and learning community
  • Be experts and leaders in early childhood eduction practices
  • Provide learning opportunities in addition to the school day
  • Utilize daily informal and biannualy formal assessments to plan appropriate instruction and to meet developmental needs of students

Safety and Health: We believe all persons deserve a safe and healthy environment. We will:

  • Provide a caring environment where everyone is valued
  • Empower our community to invest in our school using their strengths and talents
  • Serve only nutritous and safe food
  • Protect children and staff from illness and injury
  • Provide an environment that is inclusive for all including those with life threatening food allergies
  • Be physically active indoors and outdoors
  • Provide a safe learning environment

Community: We are a community. We will:

  • Serve all members of our community
  • Provide equal opportunity education
  • Build a community where all are welcomed and valued
  • Support families diverse needs and interests
  • Continue the Mayflower tradition of building future community leaders
  • Develop collaborative relationships with families and community partners
  • Participate and invest in our community

Financial: We are a financially responsible non-profit school. We will:

  • Be a financially responsible school
  • Build and appropriately use our endowment fund
  • Implement policies and procedures for strong program management to ensure high quality experiences
  • Provide tuition assistable as able and needed to families who meet scholarship qualifications
  • Maintain 501(c)(3) non-profit status
  • Seek partnerships with organizations within our greater community that share our values
  • Invest in the continued education of our teachers