October Newsletter and Calendars


During October we will shift our focus to the fall. The older children are taking a trip to the Wildlife Sanctuary to learn about Wisconsin animals, while all of our children will be learning about apples, pumpkins, trees and leaves. In the midst of our classroom fun, our families will be meeting for our Annual Pumpkin Hunt at a local park. The children will have a chance to search for a pumpkin, sing with their classmates and enjoy some outdoor fun. Finally, we’ll wrap up the month with a Halloween Social, where our children will come dressed to Mayflower in their costumes ready for a costume parade!


We have also added Fitness Fridays to our curriculum. Each Friday morning we gather to start our day with some type of fitness – yoga, stretching, dancing, games and more. We hope Fitness Fridays will help our children continue to build their healthy habits.


Happy October! We hope you are enjoying the changing season as much as we are.

October 2011 Newsletter

October 2011 Bunny Calendar

October 2011 Duck Calendar

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